About 37 million units of shipments drop in February due to COVID-19

The research firm reported that through a 2020 report, Shipments of mobile phones in 2020 and shipment of mobile phones in 2019 have been less than that, according to the report. (China) The COVID-19 virus thought to one of the major causes of this shipment reduction. About 37 million units of shipments drop in February due to COVID-19. (China)

If the number counted in the shipment juice, then it can be seen that 37 million units of mobile phone shipments have been reduced only because of the COVID-19 virus. (China)

Global shipments of 99.2 million units will arrive in February 2019, now at 61.8 million units in February 2020. (China) Global shipments declined by 38% in February 2020. (China)

About 37 million units of shipments drop in February due to COVID-19

The shipments have confirmed to have dropped due to the coronavirus dominance. In the present world, China gave preference as the exporter of various parts of smartphones, starting from smartphone manufacturing. (China)

Global Smartphones Shipments per month (Million of units)February 2019February 2010
Growth YoY(%)-3%-38%

Source: Strategy Analytics

COVID-19 was first infected in WuhanChina. The city of Wuhan, China, is dead today due to the virus. They stopped producing parts of the phone because they were busy with how to save their lives. (China)

Since the whole world was so reliant on China for various mobile partsChina dead when it said that this collapse. May Allah Almighty bless us all with a healthy life. (China)

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